Wear Our Heritage specializes in artisanal quality clothing and accessories made with natural fur. A wide variety of fur-trimmed wool hats, for women and men, are available in our winter collection. Wool capes and jackets with detachable fur collars are also very popular. See the SHOP tab for spring fur trimmed clothing, as well as pillows for your home or cabin and toys for kids.

Sheila Schmutz is the designer and creator of the fur trimmed accessories and apparel at Wear Our Heritage. She is interested in promoting the use and wearing of natural fur in honour of our Canadian fur trapping heritage and in respect for the many northern peoples who still depend on fur as part of their livelihood. Thus “Wear Our Heritage” has become her logo. 

She uses fur from Canadian wild animals. She only purchases fur that is “garment tanned” to ensure maximum softness and quality.  Many pelts are acquired through a special program whereby Indigenous youth are paid full market price, even if the pelt has some small holes or imperfections. 

The process of design is begun by studying a particular pelt.  The pelt is her inspiration.  Different furs lead to the creation of different pieces.  The colors and length of fur vary among different individuals and so no two pieces are ever quite the same.  She tries to use the entire garment-tanned pelt, often incorporating the tails into various pieces.  She chose to work with wool (often 80/20 wool blends) to maintain the “natural” fibre aspect of the pieces, and to provide the warmth expected of winter clothing. 100% silk is used for the smaller spring collection.