Hat Size

The majority of hats from Wear Our Heritage are approximately sized as Small, Medium, or Large based on interior circumference. A few are extra small or extra large, but these will not be shown – email to inquire. So it would be useful to measure your head rather than rely on what you believe your hat size might be. You could use a tape measure to measure your head where you want the lower edge of your hat to sit. Or you could use a string or piece of yarn as shown in yellow and then measure that with a ruler. Then compare your measurement to the size chart below to choose which size to order.

Most women wear a winter hat as shown in the two images below – at a slant, up on the forehead and low at the back of the neck.

Whereas men typically wear hats more horizontal on their head. So consider using the red line in the image below for a man.

If you are buying a hat as a gift, than I suggest you purchase either a cowl/hood, which is sizeless, you buy one of the hats that have chin straps, or buy a gift certificate and let the recipient choose their hat.

SizeHead Circumference Range (inches)
Extra Small19.5 – 20.5
Small21.5 – 22.5
Medium23 – 23.5
Large24 – 24.5
Extra Large25