Wear Our Heritage Collection of Fur Trimmed Accessories

last updated May 31, 2023 by Sheila Schmutz, Saskatoon. [email protected]

Wear Our Heritage Collection

The photo below was taken from a "Fur Every Winter Day" fashion show held at the Saskatchewan Trappers Convention on Saturday, March 18 in Humboldt, SK. The models were recruited from the audience and I thank their participation in this fun event! Most of the clothing is from Wear Our Heritage but the vintage fur coats are from Better Off Duds in Saskatoon. The coyote fur hat and trimmed white mitts are from Mitts by Gail. The arctic fox trapper hat and the racoon hat and gauntlets are from Michelle Thevenot Artworks. Click here to see a slideshow version

The hats and capes below are examples of pieces I've made. Some have been sold already. For items that are available for purchase now, online, please see the Wear Our Heritage SHOP Website.


Circle capes are essentially sizeless. Most capes are made of winter weight wool melton, although sometimes lighter weight wool capes are also available.

The fur collars are detachable, via snaps. Being able to easily remove the collar allows the cape to be easily dry cleaned, or perhaps hand washed. This also means that the collars could be worn on other garments.

The full circle olive green cape (left) has a coyote collar and is 80% wool. 28" long.

The "sleeved cape" on the right also has a coyote collar, although paler. The cape is made of 100% brushed wool.

Cowl Hoods

These two cowl/hoods display the way they could be worn - as a hood, or cowl. They make great gifts for any woman, because they are "sizeless".


In previous years, most of the fur trimmed hats that I make were available only at craft fairs in Saskatchewan. (See a list on the homepage.) However, since Covid-19 hit there will be more items available online. I'd be happy to try to mail prepaid items within Canada. There are trade restrictions imposed by some countries in regard to some types of fur and that is why I suggest that shipping is only within Canada, at this time. Please visit the SHOP page on the new website to purchase a hat.

Hats must fit properly and so please you'll need to measure your head. The hats shown in the photo on the happy models above have been sold! But other hats are always available, in several sizes

The hats are shown here for reference purposes but to purchase a hat, please click here to go to the new SHOP webpage, and click on your size to see what's available.

Wear Our Heritage hats are typically made with fabric that is 80% wool, in a coating weight. The lining is "kasha", a cotton flannel backed satin. As always, the fur is wild Canadian fur, garment tanned in Canada. A few hats are available in Extra Small and Extra Large. Please email her if either size is what you need.

These hats have a giant fur bobble or pom-pom, that snaps on and off. The inspiration was a two-tone soft ice cream cone with alternataing swirling pieces of a solid color wool fabric and a tweed one. They are lined with "kasha", cotton flannel backed satin.

The hats above are classic 6 point hats. The black & white tweed hat has an arctic fox brim, the camel hat has coyote, the mustard has cross fox, and the brown hat has raccoon.

Pendleton® wool is used to make some hats. Two are shown above. The cream and taupe hat at the left is trimmed with raccoon (Small) and the bright blue hat on the right is trimmed with arctic fox (Large)

There are two styles of "hood hats". Each is cut a bit differently and one includes a tail that can be worn down or tucked in a leather loop on the side so that the tail wraps around the front of the neck. Both button under the chin and therefore fit multiple sizes but just moving the button.

The only full fur hat that I make, is the beaver toque above. The Garrison style on the right has a wool top but the entire sides are fur, skunk in this case.

I currently make 3 styles of "ear-flap hats". The three hats above can be worn with the fur flaps tied up or back, as shown, or with the ears flaps down. The fur on the fur flap hat on the left and the trapperish hat on the right is red fox. The fur on the bomber style in the middle is beaver.


Fur choker type collars with long tails that hang down the front are also available in several types of fur such as raccoon, red fox, or arctic fox. Such a collar in Red Fox is shown at the right.


Muffs are a warm alternative to a purse. Since Covid times, we are out walking in the winter more often. They osten have a top pocket for your phone, keys, and credit card. This muff is alternating squares of red fox, silver fox, and arctic fox all around with black wool lining.

Fur Ruffs for Hoods

Please visit the new SHOP webpage, to purchase a fur muff.

Nothing adds warmth to a parka against wind and cold like a natural fur ruff. The ruff deflects the wind away from your face. Natural fur retains this ability for an entire season and can easily be renewed using a dog brush or metal bristle hair brush, for next year.

The ruff at the left is wild red fox tails, with slight shading differences on each side. The ruff on the right is coyote tails. Both have snap tape inserted. You hand sew one side of the snap tape to your hood. This allows for easy removal when you want to wash or dry clean your parka. Snap tape 28", 32" tip to tip. $90 including tax and shipping in Canada.

Small Fur Items

Sheila also makes a variety of small fur items that are only available at her booth in shows. One is the "Western Trapper Tie" that features a slide of leather on a silk Apache tie. Others are Fur Flap Pouches to hold small items, business card holders, fur key bells that also act as pocket handwarmers, and pom-poms or bobbles.

I respect the animals I work with and did not want to waste any part of them. I also realized that I wasn't making anything for young people. So the hand puppet fox quartet was born in 2018! Most kids find them lots of fun. Each face takes on its own personality.

These are the four Canadian foxes: The Arctic Fox is at the far left. The 3 color phases of Red Fox are on the right: the silver fox, the red fox, and the cross fox at the far right.

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